Kashmir Trip in March - Tour Packages, Weather & Places To Visit

Are you planning for a Kashmir trip in March? Look no further, as our company, Kashmir Tour Provider, is here to offer you the best Kashmir tour packages for March. Whether you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon, a memorable family vacation, or convenient flight services, we have it all covered. Experience the pristine beauty of snow-clad mountains and immerse yourself in the serene landscapes of Kashmir with us. Make your trip unforgettable with Kashmir Tour Provider.

Kashmir in March is a traveler’s paradise, offering a unique blend of winter’s end and the early signs of spring. The enchanting valley starts to thaw, revealing lush greenery against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. March is an ideal time to witness the famous Tulip Garden in Srinagar, which begins to bloom, creating a riot of colors that are a treat for the eyes. The weather remains pleasantly cool, making it perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Whether you’re skiing in Gulmarg or taking a scenic Shikara ride on Dal Lake, Kashmir in March promises a tranquil and picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Best-Selling Kashmir Trip Packages For March

Kashmir Tour Packages


3 Nights – 4 Days

1N Houseboat | 2N Srinagar 

Short Kashmir Tour Package

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3 Nights 4 Days Kashmir Package


3 Nights – 4 Days

1N Houseboat | 1N Sonmarg | 1N Gulmarg

Kashmir's Kaleidoscope

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Honeymoon in Kashmir


4 Nights – 5 Days

1N Houseboat | 1N Pahalgam | 2N Gulmarg

Kashmir Romantic Holiday

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3 Nights 4 Days Kashmir Package


4 Nights – 5 Days

1N Houseboat | 3N Srinagar 

Kashmir Expedition Tour

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5 Nights – 6 Days

1N Houseboat | 3N Srinagar | 1N Pahalgam |

Kashmir Family Tour

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6 Nights – 7 Days

1N Houseboat | 3N Srinagar | 2N Pahalgam |

Kashmir Holiday Package

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Kashmir Tour Packages


5 Nights – 6 Days

1N Houseboat | 1N Gulmarg | 1N Pahalgam | 2N Srinagar 

Kashmir Premium Tour

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Kashmir Tour Packages


9 Nights – 10 Days

Housboat(1N) | Gulmarg(2N) | Pahalgam(2N) | Srinagar(3N) | Sonamarg(1N)

Best of Kashmir

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Kashmir Weather and Temperature in March

Kashmir Weather in November

March marks a transition period in Kashmir, as the winter season gradually gives way to the early signs of spring. During this month, the weather is pleasantly cool, making it an excellent time for a Kashmir tour in March.

In Srinagar, the morning temperatures typically hover around 4°C (39°F), while the evenings can get cooler, dropping to about -1°C (30°F). This makes it ideal for enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Dal Lake and the blooming Tulip Garden.

Gulmarg, renowned for its skiing slopes, maintains a cold climate throughout March. Morning temperatures can be around -3°C (27°F), and evening temperatures plunge further to approximately -8°C (18°F). The snowy landscape provides the perfect backdrop for winter sports.

In Sonamarg, mornings are usually cold, with temperatures around 1°C (34°F), and evenings can be even chillier, often reaching -5°C (23°F). The thawing snow reveals lush meadows, offering a unique blend of winter and spring scenery.

Pahalgam enjoys slightly milder weather compared to the higher altitudes. Morning temperatures are generally around 2°C (36°F), and evenings are brisk, with temperatures dropping to around -3°C (27°F). The clear skies and fresh air make it a delightful destination for nature lovers.

Overall, a Kashmir tour in March presents an extraordinary opportunity to experience a mix of winter and early spring climates in some of the most picturesque destinations in the region.

10 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir in March

Kashmir tour packages from Lucknow
  1. Kashmir in March unfolds as a scenic paradise, merging the lingering charm of winter with the vibrant onset of spring. During your Kashmir trip in March, whether it’s a honeymoon or a family tour, several must-visit destinations capture the region’s beauty and cultural richness.


    The heart of Kashmir, Srinagar, is a must-visit on any Kashmir trip in March. The city’s famous Tulip Garden is in full bloom, creating a spectacular sea of colors that’s a feast for the eyes. Perfect for both honeymooners and family tours, you can stroll through the Mughal Gardens or take a serene Shikara ride on the iconic Dal Lake, which reflects the snowy peaks and gives the city an ethereal beauty.


    For winter sports enthusiasts, Gulmarg remains a top destination during a Kashmir trip in March. The skiing slopes are still in excellent condition, offering thrilling experiences for both beginners and seasoned skiers. The panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains and the charming Gondola ride to Apharwat Peak make it ideal for a family tour or a romantic honeymoon.


    Pahalgam, with its pristine natural beauty, is another gem to include in your Kashmir trip in March. This idyllic town, set against a backdrop of lush meadows and clear blue skies, is perfect for leisurely walks and picnics by the Lidder River. For honeymoon couples and family tours alike, the Betaab Valley, covered with thawing snow, showcases picturesque landscapes that are a photographer’s delight.


    Known as the ‘Meadow of Gold,’ Sonamarg offers a unique blend of winter and spring scenery, making it an ideal destination for March. The views of thawing snow set against green meadows create stunning visuals. It is a perfect destination for those seeking peace and tranquility, away from the bustling city life. The Thajiwas Glacier, accessible by pony ride, is a must-visit attraction. Explore this serene location with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.

    Nishat Bagh

    One of the most beautiful Mughal Gardens in Kashmir, Nishat Bagh is a popular tourist spot. During March, the garden comes alive with blooming flowers and offers breathtaking views of the Zabarwan Mountains. The scenic location and pleasant weather make it an ideal spot for a picnic or stroll. Don’t miss out on this gem with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.


    Yousmarg, also known as ‘Meadow of Jesus,’ is a hidden gem in Kashmir. This untouched paradise offers stunning views of the Pir Panjal range and is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. During March, the meadows are covered with a blanket of snow, providing a surreal experience. Discover this beauty with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.

    Betaab Valley

    Named after the Bollywood movie ‘Betaab,’ this valley is a must-visit on your Kashmir trip in March. The thawing snow and blooming flowers create a mesmerizing landscape that’s perfect for photography and nature walks. It also offers adventure activities like horse riding and trekking. Enhance your experience with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.


    Known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh,’ Drass is one of the coldest inhabited places in India. The snowy landscape and frozen rivers make it a popular destination for winter sports like skiing and sledding. It also offers opportunities for cultural exploration, with its rich history and heritage. Experience it all with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.


    Doodhpathri, or the ‘Valley of Milk,’ is another hidden gem in Kashmir. The meadows, set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, offer breathtaking views and a sense of tranquility. The crystal-clear streams flowing through the valley add to its charm. Visit this serene destination with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.


    Kokernag, also known as the ‘Garden of Springs,’ is a picturesque destination in Kashmir. The natural springs, surrounded by lush green gardens and towering trees, make it a popular picnic spot. It’s also an excellent place to relax and rejuvenate amidst nature’s beauty. Enjoy this peaceful setting with Kashmir Tour Packages in March.

10 Things to Do in Kashmir in March

Srinagar Trip in November

Kashmir in March is a blend of snowy adventures and the onset of spring, offering a diverse range of activities for every type of traveler. Here are some of the top things to do during your Kashmir Trip in March:

    1. Skiing in Gulmarg: For thrill-seekers, Gulmarg remains a prime destination to enjoy skiing on its powdery slopes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the well-maintained slopes ensure an exhilarating experience. Booking with Kashmir Packages in March can help you secure the best guides and equipment.
    2. Shikara Ride on Dal Lake: A serene Shikara ride on Dal Lake in Srinagar provides a peaceful escape with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The clear waters reflecting the snow-capped mountains make it a must-do on your March Kashmir Tour.
    3. Visit the Tulip Garden: Seeing the Tulip Garden in full bloom is an awe-inspiring sight. The garden, located in Srinagar, bursts into a vibrant display of colors, making it a perfect addition to your Kashmir Trip in March. It’s a treat for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.
    4. Exploring Betaab Valley: Engage in leisurely walks and picnics in Betaab Valley, where the melting snow reveals lush green meadows. It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers and a great way to enjoy your Kashmir Tour Packages in March.
    5. Pony Ride to Thajiwas Glacier: In Sonamarg, take a pony ride to Thajiwas Glacier. The breathtaking views of the glacial landscapes juxtaposed with the incoming spring greenery make for unforgettable memories during your March Kashmir Tour.
    6. Trekking in Pahalgam: For adventure enthusiasts, trekking in Pahalgam offers scenic trails with panoramic views of the Himalayas. Booking Kashmir Packages in March will ensure you have guided tours and permits arranged.
    7. Fishing in Lidder River: The Lidder River in Pahalgam is known for its abundant trout population. Enjoy a peaceful day of fishing as part of your Kashmir Trip in March, an activity that provides both relaxation and a bit of excitement.
    8. Cultural Exploration in Drass: Immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of Drass, known for its cultural significance and stunning landscapes. It’s a fascinating inclusion in your Kashmir Tour Packages in March.

With these engaging activities, a Kashmir Trip in March becomes a multifaceted journey of discovery and excitement, ensuring an unforgettable vacation that blends adventure, nature, and culture seamlessly.

Things to Carry for Kashmir Trip in March

Tips for Kashmir Trip in November

Planning a trip to Kashmir in March requires careful consideration of the changing weather, with the winter chill still lingering and the arrival of spring. Here is a comprehensive list of what to pack for the Kashmir Trip in March to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  1. Warm Clothes: Given the possibility of cold weather, especially in higher altitudes, pack woolen sweaters, thermal wear, and thick jackets. Insulated clothing is essential for outdoor activities like skiing or trekking.
  2. Layered Clothing: Versatility is key when packing clothes for the Kashmir Trip in March. Layering allows you to adapt to varying temperatures throughout the day. Include light t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, and fleece jackets.
  3. Footwear: Warm and waterproof boots are crucial for trekking or walking in snowy regions. Additionally, carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes for exploring cities and gardens.
  4. Accessories: Don’t forget woolen caps, scarves, and gloves to protect against the cold. Sunglasses are also important to shield your eyes from the bright snow glare.
  5. Rain Gear: March can sometimes bring unexpected rain showers. Pack a lightweight, portable raincoat or an umbrella to stay dry.
  6. Toiletries and Skincare: The cold and dry climate can affect your skin. Carry moisturizers, lip balms, and sunscreen to protect against sun exposure on snowy landscapes.
  7. Essential Medications: Always have a basic medical kit including pain relievers, altitude sickness tablets, and any personal prescribed medicines.
  8. Travel Documents and IDs: Keep your identification documents, travel tickets, and hotel booking confirmations handy.
  9. Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important, especially when engaging in physical activities.
  10. Camera and Binoculars: Capture the scenic beauty of Kashmir and enjoy an enhanced experience of the region’s diverse wildlife.

By ensuring you have the right mix of attire and essentials, your Kashmir Trip in March will be comfortable and enjoyable, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning landscapes and adventures that await.

Tips for Kashmir Trip in March

Planning a trip to Kashmir in March can be a delightful experience if you keep a few important tips in mind. Here are some valuable tips for a successful and enjoyable Kashmir Trip in March:

  1. Check Weather Forecasts: Weather in March can be unpredictable, swinging between late winter chills and early spring warmth. Stay updated with weather forecasts and plan your activities accordingly.
  2. Book Accommodations in Advance: March marks the beginning of the tourist season in Kashmir. Ensure you have your accommodations booked well in advance to secure the best spots and avoid last-minute hassles.
  3. Hire Local Guides: For a more insightful experience, consider hiring local guides. They can offer valuable information about the history, culture, and best practices for engaging in local activities.
  4. Stay Hydrated: While the cold might reduce your urge to drink water, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially during physical activities like trekking and skiing.
  5. Acclimatize Gradually: If you plan to visit higher altitudes, give yourself time to acclimatize to the elevation to avoid altitude sickness. Take it slow and avoid strenuous activities on your first day.
  6. Try Local Cuisine: Don’t miss out on tasting the local Kashmiri cuisine, which offers delightful flavors and hearty meals perfect for the chilly weather. Dishes like Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, and Kahwa tea are must-tries.
  7. Respect Local Customs: Kashmir has a rich culture and tradition. Respect local customs and be courteous to the residents. Dress modestly and follow local etiquette.
  8. Stay Safe: While Kashmir is known for its hospitality, it’s always best to stay vigilant. Stick to known tourist areas, avoid isolated regions, and keep your belongings secure.
  9. Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including local police, your country’s embassy, and your accommodation provider. Having these handy can be useful in case of emergencies.
  10. Environmental Responsibility: Help preserve the pristine beauty of Kashmir by being an eco-friendly traveler. Avoid littering, use reusable water bottles, and support local conservation efforts.

By keeping these tips in mind, your Kashmir Trip in March will be not only enjoyable but also safe and memorable.

FAQs Related To Kashmir Trip in March

Is March a good time to visit Kashmir?

Yes, March is an excellent time to visit Kashmir. The region starts to transition from winter to spring, offering a unique blend of snow-capped landscapes and blooming flowers.

Will it snow in Kashmir in March?

While snowfall is less frequent in March compared to the peak winter months, it’s still possible, especially in higher altitudes like Gulmarg and Pahalgam.

Can we see snow in Gulmarg in March?

Yes, Gulmarg is known for its snow-covered slopes even in March. It remains a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding during this time.

Is Dal Lake frozen in March?

By March, Dal Lake is usually not frozen. You can enjoy a tranquil Shikara ride and experience the floating markets on the lake.

How cold is Kashmir in March?

Temperatures in Kashmir during March can range from 2°C to 15°C. Higher altitudes can still be quite cold, especially during the early morning and late evening.

Is Srinagar worth visiting in March?

Srinagar is beautiful in March. With blossoming gardens and pleasant weather, it offers a scenic and cultural experience.

Can we visit Gulmarg in March?

Yes, Gulmarg is accessible in March and is a highlight for winter sports enthusiasts looking to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and the stunning snowy landscape.

Can I see snow in Pahalgam in March?

Yes, Pahalgam typically has snow in March. It’s a great spot for sightseeing, trekking, and enjoying the winter scenery.

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