Kashmir Family Tour Packages Starting @ ₹12999/-

Give your family a special gift this year with our Kashmir Family Tour Packages. Firstly, experience the beauty of heaven on earth with our special packages, available by both air and road. Additionally, whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway to your favorite spot or eager to explore new adventures, we’ve got you covered. Based in Srinagar, Kashmir, our local tour company is dedicated to organizing various tour packages for families. Moreover, enjoy a memorable experience with our affordable Kashmir Family packages, and take in all the sights and attractions Kashmir has to offer.

Kashmir is often called heaven on earth because of its breathtaking beauty. For example, it has stunning landscapes, tall mountains, and green valleys that attract many visitors. Each year, more people want to visit Kashmir, especially during the summer and winter, because it’s a beautiful place to be with family. In winter, you can enjoy activities like the Kashmir Winter Packages for Families. Also, you can visit local places, go shopping, try delicious food, and see religious spots.

Jammu & Kashmir is a popular spot for travelers. Families love visiting because it offers something special, like beautiful mountains and pretty lakes. If you want an amazing family trip, Kashmir has everything you need. Now, you can enjoy a memorable trip with your family. We offer a variety of holiday packages for families at affordable prices, so you can pick the one that’s just right for you.

The Kashmir valley is famous for its stunning natural scenery, earning it the nickname “paradise on earth.” By booking one of our trips, your family can explore breathtaking sites like Dal Lake and the beautiful Mughal gardens. These places are perfect for capturing photos that will help you remember this incredible trip. Finally, our Kashmir family tour packages are carefully designed to ensure that your family has an exceptional and memorable holiday in Kashmir. Whether you’re looking for adventure or want to relax, we have a range of holiday packages tailored for families. We prioritize top-notch service to make sure your family can enjoy all that Kashmir has to offer. Experience the thrill of winter sports like snow skiing in Gulmarg or enjoy a peaceful Shikara boat ride. With our family packages, you’re guaranteed the best service and a worry-free holiday.

Kashmir Packages For Family With Unbeatable Deals

Kashmir Family Packages Duration Price Details
Kashmir Family Tour 5N/6D Starting from ₹19040
Family Time in Paradise 5N/6D Starting from ₹21000
Kashmir Clan Connection 3N/4D Starting from ₹14600
Kashmir our For Family 6N/7D Starting from ₹25330

7 Best-Selling Kashmir Family Tour Packages

Kashmir Tour Packages


4 Nights – 5 Days

Gulmarg 2N | Srinagar 1N | Sonamarg 1N

Kashmir Family Escapade

Starting From ₹23600/-

Kashmir Tour Packages from Delhi


5 Nights – 6 Days

1N Houseboat | 3N Srinagar | 1N Pahalgam 

Family Time in Paradise

Starting From ₹21000/-

Family vacation


3 Nights – 4 Days

1N Houseboat | 2N Srinagar 

Kashmir Clan Connection

Starting From ₹14600/-

Kashmir Tour Packages


5 Nights – 6 Days

1N Houseboat | 3N Srinagar | 1N Pahalgam |

Kashmir Family Tour

Starting From ₹19040/-

Kashmir Tour Packages


6 Nights – 7 Days

1N Houseboat | 3N Srinagar | 2N Pahalgam |

Kashmir Holiday Package

Starting From ₹25330/-

Kashmir Tour Packages


5 Nights – 6 Days

1N Houseboat | 1N Gulmarg | 1N Pahalgam | 2N Srinagar 

Kashmir Premium Tour

Starting From ₹39040/-

Kashmir Tour Packages


9 Nights – 10 Days

Housboat(1N) | Gulmarg(2N) | Pahalgam(2N) | Srinagar(3N) | Sonamarg(1N)

Best of Kashmir

Starting From ₹41130/-

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Kashmir Family Travel Guide

Highlights of Our Kashmir Family Packages

We’ve designed our Kashmir Family Tour Packages with every family in mind, making sure there’s something memorable for everyone. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Customized Itineraries: You can choose what your family does! Whether you want to relax in beautiful valleys or go on fun adventures in the snow, we can plan your holiday from 3 to 10 days. Plus, you get to pick what fits your family’s schedule and what interests you the most.
  • Exclusive Family-Friendly Activities: There’s lots of fun for the whole family. You can play winter sports in Gulmarg, enjoy peaceful rides on Shikara boats on Dal Lake, and go on tours to see beautiful gardens that have been around for hundreds of years.
  • Cultural Experiences: Your family will get to see how people in Kashmir live, try yummy local foods, and meet people who make beautiful things by hand. It’s a great way to learn about Kashmir’s rich culture.
  • Scenic Beauty: Kashmir is so pretty, with its green valleys in the summer and white snowfields in the winter. You’ll see some of the most beautiful places on Earth.
  • Comfort and Convenience: After a day full of adventures, you’ll stay in places that are very comfortable and feel like luxury. We take care of all the travel details, like where you’ll stay and how you’ll get around, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Affordable Options: We have packages that fit all budgets, whether you’re looking for something fancy or something more affordable. You’ll get great value and still have amazing experiences.

Join us for a vacation in Kashmir where your family can enjoy being together in beautiful places. It’s not just a trip; it’s a chance to make memories that you’ll all remember forever.

Discover Jammu and Kashmir's Magic

Jammu and Kashmir is often called a paradise on earth and, indeed, it’s like a treasure box full of amazing sights and memorable adventures. This beautiful place is divided into three areas: the lively Jammu, the beautiful Kashmir Valley, and the impressive Leh Ladakh. Each area has its own special things to see and do. For example, you can find peaceful lakes like Dal Lake and exciting activities, making it a great spot for family trips.

So, if you start your adventure from Srinagar or Jammu, you’re in for a treat. Imagine taking a calm boat ride on Dal Lake, going on horseback through stunning valleys, or feeling the excitement of a Gondola ride. Also, with gorgeous valleys like Betaab and Dras, your family will have lots of chances to enjoy nature and make memories that will last forever.

Moreover, Jammu is the winter capital and has a charm of its own, while Srinagar, with its summer vibes, is perfect for a summer vacation. And the best part? Kashmir welcomes families all through the year, offering both summer beauty and winter magic. Whether it’s visiting top places or tasting yummy local food, there’s something for everyone in Jammu and Kashmir. So, start planning your Kashmir family tour package now and get ready to see a part of the world that’s truly magical.

Fun Family Places in Kashmir

Kashmir is like a beautiful painting filled with nature’s best. Every time you visit with our Kashmir Family Packages, you’re in for fun, relaxation, and learning about new cultures. Here’s a list of fun places in Kashmir for families:

  • Pahalgam: This spot is like family heaven, offering peaceful views and fun activities like horse riding and rafting. It’s perfect for families who want both adventure and quiet moments.
  • Gulmarg: Known for awesome skiing and the highest cable car ride in the world, Gulmarg turns into a magical place in winter. Our packages include cool winter sports that everyone in the family will enjoy.
  • Sonmarg: Another beautiful place, Sonmarg, gives you stunning views and is the way to get to Ladakh. Here, families can check out the Thajiwas Glacier and try trekking and camping, making your trip full of adventure and gorgeous sights.
  • Srinagar: The heart of Kashmir, Srinagar, has the famous Dal Lake with floating markets, beautiful gardens, and old mosques and temples. Taking a boat ride on Dal Lake will give you a calm time against the beautiful mountains.
  • Leh Ladakh: Perfect for families who love a thrill, Leh Ladakh offers trekking, camping, rafting, and biking. It’s packed with fun activities for everyone.

Picking these places for your family trip means you’re all set for a vacation filled with happiness, adventure, and the calm beauty of Kashmir. Our Kashmir Family Tour Packages are made to give you and your family a magical time in this paradise, creating memories that will last forever.

Fun Things to Do on Your Kashmir Trip

Going on a trip to the beautiful Kashmir with our Kashmir Family Packages will be super fun. You’ll find activities that everyone in the family will enjoy. Here are some cool things you should definitely do to make your trip unforgettable:

  1. Shikara Ride on Dal Lake: First off, floating across the calm Dal Lake on a Shikara boat is so peaceful. You’ll get to see amazing mountain views. This is a must-do with our Kashmir Family Holiday Packages.
  2. Visit the Mughal Gardens: Next, check out the old Mughal gardens in Srinagar like Shalimar Bagh and others. They show off some really cool garden designs and history from the Mughal times. These gardens are a big part of our Kashmir Family Packages.
  3. Gulmarg Gondola Ride: Also, you can’t miss the super high Gulmarg Gondola ride. It’s the highest cable car ride in the world and shows off stunning views of snowy mountains. It’s one of the best parts of our Kashmir Family Packages.
  4. Adventure Sports in Gulmarg and Pahalgam: For families that love a bit of thrill, Gulmarg and Pahalgam have cool stuff like skiing and white-water rafting. We make sure these activities are safe and fun in our Kashmir Family Tour.
  5. Trekking in Sonmarg: Lastly, going on a trek to Thajiwas Glacier in Sonmarg is a great way for families to explore nature together. The snowy views are beautiful and it’s a highlight in our Kashmir Family Packages.

All these activities are picked to make sure you have the best time. With our Kashmir Family Tour Packages, your family will get the perfect mix of chill time, adventure, and learning about new places. It’s going to be a trip you’ll all remember for years.

Good Time to Book a Kashmir Family Trip

Choosing the perfect time for a Kashmir Family Trip is super important if you want to see all the cool stuff there. In Kashmir, every season is like a new adventure, showing off its beauty in special ways. We’ve got Kashmir Family Tour Packages that are awesome any time you decide to go.

  • Spring (March to Early May): In spring, the valley is like a giant garden with tons of flowers and green stuff everywhere. It’s a super nice time for families to check out gardens and enjoy the weather. If you book your trip in spring, you’ll see Kashmir looking super colorful.
  • Summer (May to August): Summer is great if you don’t like being too hot. Places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam are cool and comfy, perfect for having fun outside. Our packages let families go on boat rides, walk around, and see beautiful gardens, all without sweating too much.
  • Autumn (September to November): Autumn turns the valley into a picture with gold and red colors everywhere, making it awesome for taking photos and just hanging out. The weather is just right, so families will have a comfy and pretty trip if they book during this time.
  • Winter (December to February): Winter makes Kashmir look like a snow globe, great for families who like snowball fights and skiing. Gulmarg is the place to be for skiing, and everything looks super pretty in the snow. Choosing a trip in winter means getting to see the valley turn into a snowy wonderland.

Each season in Kashmir brings something different, from gardens in spring, cool places in summer, gold and red leaves in autumn, to snow in winter. Booking your Kashmir Family Tour Packages ahead of time, and picking the season that sounds the most fun for your family, means you’re in for an unforgettable trip to this paradise.

How to Get to Kashmir

Getting to Kashmir, a beautiful place in the Himalayas, is easy with different ways to travel, making it a place where families from all over can easily go. Whether you fly, drive, or take a train, you start seeing the beauty of Kashmir even before you arrive. We make sure that getting to this lovely place is just as great as your time there with our Kashmir Family Packages.

  • By Air: At the Srinagar Airport (Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport), you can catch flights from big cities in India. Many airplanes fly to Srinagar regularly, which is handy for families using our Kashmir Tour Packages For Family. This airport is the main way for people to get into Kashmir and start exploring with our well-planned tours.
  • By Road: Also, Kashmir has good roads, like the NH1-A highway. The Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) runs buses that make it easy to go from Jammu to Srinagar or other places. Families who like driving can enjoy beautiful views on their way to Kashmir, adding to the fun of our Kashmir Family Packages.
  • By Rail: The Jammu Tawi Railway Station is not too far and is the main station for travelers to Kashmir. From Jammu, you can take a taxi or a bus to Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, or other places in our Kashmir Family Tour Packages. The train ride to Jammu is popular among those who like seeing different parts of India and its beautiful scenery on their way to the peaceful Kashmir valleys.

Choosing the best way to travel is important to make sure your family starts their trip comfortably and happily. Our Kashmir Family Tour Packages give you different options for traveling, fitting what different families like, making sure you get to Kashmir easily and start your holiday without any trouble.

FAQs Related to Kashmir Family Tour Packages

What is the best time to visit Kashmir with family?

The best time to visit Kashmir is from March to October. This period covers the spring, summer, and early autumn months, offering pleasant weather and full bloom of the valley’s natural beauty, making it ideal for family tours

Are the tour packages customizable according to our family needs and interests?

Yes, our Kashmir Family Tour Packages are fully customizable. We work closely with you to tailor the itinerary according to your family’s preferences, including activities, accommodations, and any specific destinations you wish to explore.

Is it safe to travel to Kashmir with family?

Yes, Kashmir is safe for family travel. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our travelers, providing up-to-date information and support throughout the tour to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Are meals included in the Kashmir Family Tour Packages?

Yes, most packages include meals. The specifics, however, such as whether it’s breakfast only or all meals, will depend on the package you choose. We also accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions upon request.

What activities are suitable for children in Kashmir?

Kashmir offers numerous child-friendly activities, including Shikara rides on Dal Lake, visits to the Mughal Gardens, pony rides in Gulmarg and Pahalgam, and cable car rides. Our itineraries can be adjusted to include more child-friendly activities based on your family’s interests.

How long is the ideal Kashmir Family Tour?

An ideal Kashmir family tour ranges from 5 to 7 days, allowing ample time to explore the major attractions without rushing. However, tours can be extended or shortened to match your family’s schedule and interests.

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